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In its endeavours to create an increasingly low semi-trailer, such as the SL, we have also invested a great deal of time in developing low goosenecks on our semi-low loaders and float semi-trailers. Ultra-low goosenecks: from 120 mm in the case of hydraulically operated units, with a capacity of 18 tonnes and from 100 mm in the case of self-tracking semi-trailers with a capacity of 15 tonnes! Thanks to this development it is possible to gain...
height on the gooseneck. Thanks to this development it is possible to transport the highest possible load within statutory dimensions (shipping containers, portacabins, etc.). For example, this is essential for tractor units, which are designed to incorporate a crane. Due to the reinforced chassis the coupling height is made greater, which is to the detriment of the load height on the gooseneck. We have now succeeded in developing a low gooseneck with a kingpin load of 18 tonnes. Click here for more information about our thin necks and/or a no-obligation appointment with our specialist
  • High load on the neck possible
  • Heavy load on the neck possible
  • Can also be deployed for transportation of shipping containers

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