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Since the introduction of standardisation in shipping containers in 1966, the efficiency of container transport has increased enormously. We think that efficiency for the customer is so important that we produced our first multifunctional container chassis, the MFCC, in 1983. And in 2003 the 2CONnect was then developed. Using these two types of container chassis, we have already provided a whole host of customers with the powerful means of transport.

Multifunctional container chassis HD

  • Reliable chassis for all types of containers (20 to 45 ft)
  • Low-maintenance and durable chassis
  • Easy to operate and lightweight controls
  • Indestructible extending system
  • Optional generator set
  • The best preserving treatment on the market
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2CONnect double containerchassis

  • Double container chassis
  • Stable chassis for 20 ft, 2 x 20 ft, 1 x 40 ft and 1 x 45 ft container
  • Option to transport two heavy 20 ft containers
  • Option to drive with the two parts separated
  • 1+3, 2+2 and 2+3 axle variants available
  • Fitted with sliding fifth wheel for a customs inspection
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