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“We'll be taking them to Antwerp today”

Sigward Glomb

Glomb Container Dienst

Three lovely, pink 2CONnects stood at Broshuis's rainy yard ready for delivery to Glomb. Five drivers, three pink trucks and two green trucks arrived together to follow the instructions given by our experienced driver and then leave with the 2CONnects.

Q: The green trucks display the text: ‘Think green!' Why?

A: Efficiency and sustainability are increasingly important issues for all companies in the transport sector, and then it is noteworthy that Glomb received the Green Freight & Logistics Award in 2008. The 2CONnect is a good choice, as it has been designed specifically to improve the efficiency of the client. As the 2CONnect can transport two 20 ft containers, containers can delivered to two customers in one trip. In addition, the lifting axles achieve fuel savings.