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Unfortunately, on March 30, we had to decide to shut down the factory. Last Tuesday, the regulations from the Dutch ministries and RIVM were ratified again and unfortunately there is no room for softening yet.

A lot has happened at Broshuis in recent weeks. For example, the impact of the one and a half meter society on Broshuis was examined. In most cases we have been able to find a solution, but unfortunately not yet everywhere. Making unique trailers does not always make the process easy. As long as it is not possible to work safely, no work will be done. Safety is our top priority!

In addition, we have had a lot of contact with our international suppliers in recent weeks. Most, especially crucial, suppliers are still closed. Some want to start again slowly, but they too have to deal with insufficient supply from their suppliers.

This makes it impossible for us to start again. However, with the expected positive development, we think that as of 2 June we should be able to start production again partly (welding stages), so that deliveries can start again in July. Of course it remains depending on how the virus develops.

We wish everyone once again health and strength in this extraordinary time.

The Directors