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Our new 2-axle pendle axle low loader offers you even more benefits thanks to an even lower and shorter axle bogie…

In search of a pendle axle low loader which gives you a higher loading volume within the legal dimensions, our engineers have succeeded in designing a unique 2-axle pendle axle low loader.

Where the usual pendle axle bogies stands out by their high axle height with respect to the other well-known axle bogies, we have developed a 2-axle pendle axle low loader with an extremely low and short axle bogie. This leaves you a longer low bed within the legal dimensions. Because of the low axle bogie, the difference in height between the low bed and the axle bogie is much smaller, which makes overhanging cargo above the axle bogie possible. This results in a shorter vehicle length.

The new low loader is also equipped with all the latest technologies from our PL 2 low loaders. Furthermore, this low loader has a stroke of 600 mm.


  • Lower axle bogie (approx. 100-150 mm lower than other pendle axle vehicles)
  • Shorter axle bogie
  • 600 mm stroke
  • 50° steering angle
  • Low own body weight

Because of these specifications, our 2-axle pendle axle low loader is the only one of its kind. 

Put together your own brand new low loader and directly check the target price!