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The SL-AIR is our most recent innovation. The most characteristic feature of this trailer is its air-suspended independent suspension. As a result, the SL-AIR has a range of advantages, namely 12-tonne axle load exemption, a Super Low loading floor and a larger steering angle than in the case of self-tracking axle trailers. It can optionally be supplied with hydraulic remote steering! The combination of its high bogie load and its...
low tare weight, in particular, provide an enormous payload capacity. We can also offer a completely custom-made trailer. Ask our experts for more information.
General specifications
  • Independent suspension (12 tonnes per axle line)
  • Single-extendible
  • Supply lines concealed in the main central beam
  • Air suspension
  • Self-tracking, optional hydraulic auxiliary steering
  • Stable load floor
  • Universal parts available everywhere
  • 48.5 tonnes load capacity
Technical specifications
  • 23 tonnes kingpin load
  • 36 tonnes bogie load
  • 10.5 tonnes tare weight
  • 12 tonnes per axle line
  • Can be supplied with auxiliary steering on the self-tracking axles
  • 30° steering angle
  • Bed height from 790 mm
  • Optional wheel wells and excavator trough
  • Ramps (optional)