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After introduction of the SL-Trailer and the SL-AIR we received a lot of feedback from the marketplace for a trailer which combines the best features of both types. A hydraulic steered and air suspended trailer based on independent suspension. During our research we discovered that other 5 axle trailers are no longer approved under the future regulations or can only achieve an 8 ton payload per axle line. Thanks to the research...
we now have the solution.... The 5 Axle SL-AIR with 12 ton pay load per axle line. Thanks to the steering technique, this trailer is approved under the new regulation. You can load 70 ton in the trailer.
General specifications
  • Independent suspension (12 ton per axle line)
  • Single extendible
  • Supply lines concealed in the main central beam
  • Air suspension
  • Hydraulic steered 4th axle
  • Self-tracking 1st and 5ft axle, with hydraulic auxiliary steering
  • Stable floor
  • 69,5 ton pay load
Technical specifications
  • 23 ton kingpin load
  • 60 ton bogie load
  • 13 ton tare weight
  • 70 ton pay load
  • 30 degrees steering angle
  • Hydraulic ramps (option)
  • Remote steering
  • 790 mm loading height