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The 100-Tonner Range has been an important innovation in the series of SL trailers. It is extraordinary that up to 90 tonnes can be transported on this semi-low loader. The stability of a 100-Tonners on SL is the biggest advantage, although the low load floor, its low tare weight and the low maintenance costs are all plus points too.
In addition, the front axles provide ideal weight distribution. Thanks to its low beam, an enormous amount of ground clearance remains available, below the (double-)extended beam. The SL semi-low loader has a range of options, which can make your trailer unique and perhaps we can build our state-of-the art innovation for you ourselves!
General specifications
  • Single- or double-extendible
  • Removable dolly for optimal load support
  • Independent suspension (12 tonnes per axle)
  • Stable load floor, thanks to independent suspension
  • Ultra-low bed height of 790 mm
  • Maintenance-free steering control system
  • Total payload capacity up to 90 tonnes
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Technical specifications
  • Switching between 18/24 tonnes or 24/30 tonnes of kingpin load
  • Bogie payload capacity 84 tonnes
  • Hatz diesel generator for operating it
  • 57° steering angle
  • 790 mm minimum bed height
  • 850 mm ride height (loaden)
  • Fully automatic alignment system
  • Simple to operate
  • Removable dolly
  • Optional spacer and extendible beam
  • 750 mm wide and expandable to 3000 mm