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Still manoeuvrable with a 7-axle or 9-axle trailer? It is possible with the innovative 2+7 100-Tonner Range that functions well as a 9-axle trailer for all your heavy cargo, but when you disconnect the dolly you can also use this trailer as a 7-axle SL-Semi low loader. Because this trailer is built on our unique independent suspension, you get a sharp steering angle!

The range of 100 Tonners are different configurations that can be connected modularly. This gives you a unique trailer that exactly meets your requirements. To top it off you can specify your personal preferences for the technical details. The 2 + 7100-Tonner Range is special because it brings many advantages of the SL and also its own advantages such as choosing a deep bed and deploying the trailer without dolly.

General specifications
  • Single- or double-extendible
  • Extendible and removable dolly
  • Independent suspension (12 T per axle)
  • Ultra-low bed height of 790 mm
  • Maintenance-free steering control system
  • Stable load floor
  • App. 108 T load capacity (Based on single extendible)
Brochure Specification sheet
Technical specifications
  • Switching between 24/30 tonnes of kingpin load
  • 84 tonne bogie load
  • 24 tonne bogie load on dolly
  • App. 30 tonne tare weight (Based on single extendible)
  • Hatz diesel generator for operating it
  • 57° steering angle
  • 850 mm ride height (laden)
  • Fully automatic alignment system
  • Simple to operate
  • Removable dolly
  • Optional spacer and extendible beam
  • 2750 mm wide and expandable to 3250 mm

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