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The triple-extendible hydraulically-controlled semi low loader can reach a total trailer length of 40.2 metres. With the hydraulic steering, you can still be highly manoeuvrable with this length! Thanks to the adjustable conical bearings in the steering system, our semi-low loaders require less maintenance.

We most often offer our 5-axle hydraulically controlled trailer with a triple extendible cargo bed. Of course, it is also possible to develop an exclusive trailer! Consider for instance a trailer that extends less often, allowing you to choose a fixed gooseneck. The fixed neck has a lower tare weight, giving you more useful load capacity!

General specifications
  • Triple extendible
  • Hydraulic suspension
  • Hydraulically operated
  • Hydraulic gooseneck
  • All lines protected inside the beam
  • Low maintenance
  • App. 53.3 T load capacity
Brochure Specification sheet
Technical specifications
  • 30 T kingpin load
  • 50 T bogie load
  • App. 26.7 T tare weight
  • 43° steering angle
  • 1050 mm bed height (loaded)
  • Fully automatic alignment system
  • Radiographic auxiliary steering
  • Low-maintenance steering control system
  • 240 mm high side bar
  • Chequered plate floor level with the side bar
  • Valves in stainless steel cabinet below the side bar