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The Mix semi-trailer was first built in 1993, which means that the semi-trailer is now a product on which we have built up a lot of experience. The Mix semi-trailer is a low (1000mm) flat semi-trailer specially developed for tall and long loads. Thanks to the low bogie, the load can even be driven on. The load floor has been designed for this purpose. The loading...
floor is generally flat and can thus be used in its entirety. The mix 3-axle self-tracking semi-trailer can also be delivered in a variety of versions. Would you like to assemble your ultimate trailer together with our engineers?
General specifications
  • Single-extendible
  • Air suspension
  • Self-tracking
  • Robust chassis
  • Energy chain / all lines protected inside the beam
  • Completely flat load floor
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Technical specifications
  • 18 tonnes kingpin load
  • 30 tonnes bogie load
  • 9.5 tonnes tare weight
  • 38.5 tonnes load capacity
  • 25° steering angle
  • 950 mm plate height
  • 100 mm high neck
  • 900 mm bed height
  • 240 mm high side bar
  • Chequered plate floor level with the side bar
  • Valves in stainless steel cabinet below the side bar