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This 3-axle hydraulically operated flat trailer is ideal for long loads, which need to be transported to difficult-to-access locations. The maximum length and bed height of these trailers depends on customer requirement. Discover the expertise of our engineers and assemble your unique custom-made trailer!
General specifications
  • Air suspension
  • Hydraulically operated and remote steering
  • 5x stakepocketline with 16 stakes
  • Stainless steel toolbox
  • Lift axle
  • LED lights
  • Overwidth marker lights 420 x 420 (220V connection)
  • Extendable overhang sign
  • Twislockplates for 1x40 and 2x20 fts
  • 1.150 mm height headboard
  • Central greasing
  • PAR 70 with Gutachten
  • Colour RAL 5015
  • Fully metalized