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Many companies still want to invest before the end of the year to take full advantage of the tax breaks for investment for 2018. We now offer you the opportunity to get a new container chassis quickly, which you can still include in the investment credit. You can also get your trailer delivered this year. 

First authorisation date in 2019
Beside the fast availability of our container chassis it is also possible to register this new trailer in 2019. That means you purchase and pay for the trailer in 2018, and delivery is made in early January 2018. In this way, you get a 2019 trailer and you can make optimal use of your tax breaks for investment for 2018. 

General specifications
  • Low-maintenance and durable chassis
  • Easy to operate and lightweight controls
  • Reliable chassis for all types of containers (20ft - 45ft)
  • SAF axles
  • Fully metalized
  • Colors available: red 3002, grey 7021 en blue 5002