Broshuis is the oldest manufacturer of trailers for special transport.

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Our history


Establishment of Broshuis. Since its establishment we have been driven by innovation and over the years we have introduced many new products.


Production of the 1st trailer. In 1929 we started producing the 1st trailer.


Start with customer-specific construction of semi-trailers and trailers. Production of semi-trailers and trailers to specially meet customer preferences.


Introduction of 1st extendible trailer. The 1st flat, extendible trailer for transporting piles for the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam.


Introduction of the 1st low loader. In this year we introduced the first low loader in which you are able to load between the tractor unit and in front of the axle group. This allows even higher loads to be transported.


First extentible semi low loader. In the year 1965: the first extendible semi low loader in the world!


Introduction of the 1st extendible container chassis. The 1st container chassis in which any container system can be transported.


1st defence contract. Contract to build 137 semi-low loader for the Netherlands defence.


Introduction of the 1st Triple TrailerĀ®. In the year 2000 we were the first manufacturer to introduce a 3x extendible trailer.


Introduction of the 2CONnect split container chassis. A system developed and patented by us ourselves. These two 20 ft container chassis can be coupled together and offer loading capacities for all types of container.


Opening of new paint shop. We have made a considerable investment into a 250-metre long paint shop in which all the phases are completed in succession. The trailer is guided through the 6 phases suspended.


Introduction of the SL-Trailer. The next generation of trailers... Trailers (semi-low loaders and low loaders) designed with independent suspension. 12 tons per axle line, 79cm bed height, hydraulic suspension.


SL-AIR. Introduction of the air-sprung and self-tracking semi-low loader on independent suspension.


Introduction of the SL2. The lowest semi low-loader with the most ground clearance. With continued development of the SL Trailer we have also proven that we listen to users.


SL-AIR 5. The SL-AIR 5 is the world's first hydraulically operated semi-trailer with independent air-sprung suspension. This new design combines two unique worlds in which an optimal steering angle and optimal load-carrying capacity work together.


PL2. In 2018 we introduced the PL2, the pendle axle system which makes it possible to provide a variety of trailers with a minimum ride height of 810 mm and thereby achieve a stroke of 600 mm. 50% more pendle effect, lower maintenance costs and greater loading capacity.


PL2 HD pendular axle low loaders. The most recent innovation of Broshuis is the PL2 HD, a pendular axle low loader with a new axle and a wider crane arm recess.


Lightweight flat trailer. The lightweight flat trailer has been designed in collaboration with our end users. It is a hydraulically steered flat trailer, only extendable with only 8,700 kg tare weight.


The semi low loader with pendle axles is hydraulically steered and hydraulically suspended. The pendle axles move independently of each other, making the trailer highly-manoeuvrable, but also very stable.