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We are a leading manufacturer of high-quality military transport solutions for already 30 years. With decades of expertise, we design and produce innovative trailers that meet the most stringent requirements entirely in-house. Whether you are looking for heavy tank transporters, trailers for armoured tracked and wheeled vehicles and engineering vehicles or a container chassis, we offer customised solutions for every mission. Discover our reliable solutions today!

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Canada - order 22 HET

In June 2024, we received an order for the Canadian Army for 22 HETs where our proven experience within various NATO countries was the deciding factor. Read more.

US - order 557 METS

In November 2023, Broshuis received an order for 557 Medium Equipment Transport Systems (METs) for the US Department of Defence. Read more here.

US - order 466 EHET

In September 2022, Broshuis received an order for 466 Enhanced Heavy Equipment Transporter System (EHET) for the US Department of Defence. Read more.

Defense quality

Quality plays an important role in the procurement of defence equipment. Alongside safety, quality is our most important core value.

Defense technique

The trailers that we build for the Ministries of Defence are equipped with special technical components. These components are intended to make work safer and easier.

Defense method

As a partner in the search for the right solution for your defence issue, we would like to reassure you.


As a company we strive for perfection. For this reason, we have our company and staff certified in various ways such as ISO and AQAP. See our certificates here.

Integrated Logistic Support

With a focus on reliability, commonality, maintainability and accessibility, our ILS approach minimize downtime and maximize operational readiness, up to 99,5%. Read more.

Global support

We work closely with our partners to ensure global readiness and efficiency for Defense trailers with our comprehensive supply and support services. Read more.


Broshuis has years of experience in carrying out large refurbishments assignments for defence. Read more about our experience and the 5 benefits of refurbishment here.


12 April 2024, 08:42

Refurbishment of 100 trailers

Broshuis refurbishes 100 trailers for the Dutch army, guaranteeing another 20 years of deployment with this modernisation. Discover more!
24 November 2023, 10:00

New order for 557 low loaders for US Army

This week, Broshuis B.V. received an order for 557 Medium Equipment Trailers (METs) for the US Department of Defence with a total value of $ 341,2 million. Read more.
27 September 2022, 14:49

466 tank transporters for the US Army

Last week, the US Department of Defense signed a contract for 466 tank transporters from Broshuis B.V.
01 February 2022, 11:54

Belgian army chooses Broshuis

Following the example of the American and Danish army, the Belgian army has now also opted for the quality of Broshuis with the order for nine, three-axle PL2 pendular axle low loaders.
26 July 2021, 14:06

170th semi-trailer for US army

The US military officially commissioned their 170th semi-trailer. This means that Broshuis B.V has now successfully completed its largest-ever order