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Self-tracking semi low loader

Self-tracking semi low loader is a trailer that follows the truck by itself. We often use the example of the control of the castor wheels on a shopping cart. When reversing, the axles are all rigid. The self tracking semi low loader has air suspension.

Hydraulically steered semi low loader

A hydraulically steered semi low loader is a trailer where the truck lets the trailer steer. The trailer is then equipped with a hydraulic steering system, which means that the trailer steers directly with the truck, even when reversing. This makes it very easy to get to locations that are difficult to reach.

SL2 semi low loader (independent wheel suspension)

A semi low loader on independent wheel suspension is also called an SL Trailer. This variant of the semi low loaders is also equipped with a hydraulic steering and suspension system. This trailer is therefore also very stable and, due to the higher permitted axle load, may take heavier loads than semi low loaders on through axles. The SL2 semi low loaders have a lower loading floor height than any other axle type due to their independent wheel suspension. This allows the SL2 semi low loader to carry higher loads and is unique within its class.

PL2 semi low loader (Pendle axle)

A semi low loader with pendle axles is a hydraulically steered semi-trailer that also has hydraulic suspension. This makes the trailer extra-stable. The steering is then almost the same as the hydraulically steered semi low loader. The trailer is equipped with pendle axles, which means that the it is allowed to carry more than the semi low loaders on beam axles, due to the higher permitted axle load. The stroke of the pendle axle is also much greater than that of the beam axle, which makes it possible to independently pick up (jacking up) a loaded load.

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