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Single extendable flat trailer

The single extendable flat trailer is the ideal trailer for longitudinal transports up to +/- 25 meters. Thanks to the hydraulic steering, the flat trailer easily steers through the bends.

Double extendable flat trailer

The double extendable flat trailer, also called ‘two times extendable trailer’, is the most commonly sold flat trailer. Despite the slight increase in the tare weight, you have a trailer up to almost 30 meters in length.

Triple extendable flat trailer

A flat trailer that can be extended three times is also called a 'triple trailer'. Because this trailer can reach a length of up to 36 meters, this flat trailer is often only used when really extreme lengths have to be transported.

Flat trailers for the wind industry

We have developed various flat trailers especially for the transport of various wind turbine parts (especially wind turbine blades). These were developed in collaboration with producers and transporters of these wind turbine parts.

All flat trailers

If you cannot make a choice in advance regarding extendibility, we have listed all flat trailers for you. In this overview you can see the specifications of each flatbed trailer separately underneath each other. View all flat trailers here.

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