When do you need which platform trailer?

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Comparing flat trailers - All types

It is named the flat trailer because the entire loading floor is flat. Flat trailers are often used for length transports. If you are looking for a flat trailer, your first question will be; How much should the trailer be able to extend? This varies between not being extendable at all up to extending 4 times. But when do you use which flat trailer?

If the load is often divisible (stones, pallets, garden timber, etc.), the non-extendable version is a good choice. The advantage of this trailer is the low tare weight. A major disadvantage of this trailer is that a longer load (for example as a return load) is not possible. For this reason, a single extendible flat trailer is chosen in such a case.

This one is not much heavier than the non-extendable variant, but it is more flexible. The single extendible trailer is often used for concrete elements, steel structures and wooden structures.

For the specific and more extreme lengths, double extendible and triple extendible trailers are used. So the reason for choosing one of these two variants is the maximum length of the load. The double extendible trailer reaches a length of almost 29 meters and is extremely suitable for piles, large steel structures, bridge parts, or tower parts/pipes.

A triple extendable (3x extendable) flat trailer can reach a length of 36 meters and is often used for extremely long piles, large concrete works and wind turbine blades.