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Different types of dolly low loader beds

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Depending on the weight of the required load, this bed is available at different beam heights. The front sides of the outer beams are chamfered for easy loading and unloading of vehicles. The bed has a fixed wooden floor between the beams and can be connected at the rear by means of compression joints. Furthermore, the bed extends at the rear to a total bed length of 13,500 mm. The outer beams are fitted with certified 10t lashing eyes, the inner beams with positions for boltable lashing eyes.

Optional folding widening supports and widening beams can be added, widening the bed by 500 mm.

The central beam bed has a relatively low tare weight, giving the trailer plenty of load capacity for the heaviest machines. The bed is single-extendable at the front to a total bed length of 13,500 mm and has compression joints at the rear. Furthermore, the bed has certified lashing eyes on the top and bottom of the outer beams and on the bottom of the inner beam.

Optionally, widenable and height-adjustable mattresses can be fitted, creating a completely flat load floor or a lowered load floor.


The spacer between the dolly and the axle set creates a flat loading floor, so the low loader can be used as a semi for heavy loads where height is not an issue. The length of the spacer is 3,000 mm.

The bed has a very slim loading floor of 200 mm to get as much load height as possible without losing load capacity. The bed also has an extra compression joints in the centre, generating extra prestressment for the heavy transformer. Fold-out expanders also allow other wide loads to be transported. For the safe securing of the load, there are longitudinal and latitudinal positions for boltable lashing eyes.

With the optional trafo bed cylinders, the trafo bed can be levelled and supported during independent loading and unloading (skidding/lifting) of the trafo.

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