UK Army

Order and refurbishment for the UK Army

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  • Fifth wheel load: 18 t
  • Bogie load: 30 t
  • Single extendable
  • 2 fixed 1 self tracking
  • Double loading ramps 4,000 x 890 mm

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Broshuis has years of experience in carrying out large refurbishments assignments for defence. Read more about our experience and the 5 benefits of refurbishment here.

Canada - order 22 HET

In June 2024, we received an order for the Canadian Army for 22 HETs where our proven experience within various NATO countries was the deciding factor. Read more.
12 April 2024, 08:42

Refurbishment of 100 trailers

Broshuis refurbishes 100 trailers for the Dutch army, guaranteeing another 20 years of deployment with this modernisation. Discover more!

Integrated Logistic Support

With a focus on reliability, commonality, maintainability and accessibility, our ILS approach minimize downtime and maximize operational readiness, up to 99,5%. Read more.

US - order 557 METS

In November 2023, Broshuis received an order for 557 Medium Equipment Transport Systems (METs) for the US Department of Defence. Read more here.