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The 100-Tonners look imposing. Different configurations are possible, which can be coupled on a modular basis. There are 1-, 2- and 3-axle dollies and 4- to 7-axle SL axle lines; together up to 10 axle lines can be supplied. Can also be fully deployed without a dolly. Can be supplied single-, double- or even triple-extended. Or with a low bed. All with a minimum bogie height of 790 mm and maximum ground clearance: more than one pendle axle semi.
  • Ultra-effective load capacity: 12 tonnes per axle, low tare weight
  • Versatile: can be fully deployed with and without dolly
  • Lowest lowest: minimum bed height of 790 mm
  • Transport higher loads: independent and wide track
  • Low maintenance costs: A-brand and standard components

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