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From the summer of 2018 we put in to use a new production hall where sheet metal and tubing are fully automatically processed into the necessary parts for our trailers. This advanced automation of production will lead to shorter turnaround times, more flexibility and an even higher and consistent quality.

In the new factory the raw steel is processed and converted to a part for the construction of the trailer. Until recently, these parts were purchased pre-fabricated from external part suppliers. By making it in house, the lead time of these parts, is now reduced from three weeks to a maximum of four hours. The new machines and also the new production process in the factory will be 80% planned in advance. In this way sufficient capacity remains and a rush job of any kind can be made in between the regular planning.

3D drawings

All new trailers to be built are 3D engineered. The big advantage of this system is that there is already a check on the drawing before the drawing is loaded in to the software of the new factory. ‘This check is very important to us’ says Pieter-Bas Broshuis. ‘Because of this audit, we can give our engineers relevant feedback on the delivered work, in this way the quality becomes even better every time’. When the drawing is approved, the trailer parts will be automatically produced by the machines.


In the new hall we cut sheet metal to size with the help of the newest laser cutters and we shape the various materials by means of three huge press brakes, all equipped with the latest software. Together with a so-called 3D tube laser all these machines form the heart of the parts production. With help of the tube laser we can adapt steel tubes, UNPs and tubes up to 15 meters long and 40 cm in diameter.


By producing parts 'in house', the lead time is considerably reduced and the quality guaranteed. With this new factory we are ready for the future and we can offer you an even better service and higher quality.

In short: faster delivery times, higher quality and better service.

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