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New semi low loader for Schoones

Three identical, four-axle construction semi low loaders have recently been put into service by Transportbedrijf Schoones B.V. from Vinkel in Brabant.

Lars Svith - Transporting an 80-tonne Cat 990 wheel loader

Transporting an 80-tonne Cat 990 wheel loader 5.4 m wide and 4.5 m high from the Netherlands to Denmark is a great challenge.

Broshuis learning pathway

There is a major shortage of technical professionals and that is why Ichthus College Kampen (ICK) and trailer builder Broshuis B.V. join forces. The aim of this collaboration is to enthuse students for a job in...

Klomp Transport Harderwijk

Klomp Transport from Harderwijk specialises in the transportation of chalets and mobile homes. For the movement of these special loads, Klomp has now put the second (of four) new 2-axle pendular-axle low loader...

Bolk Transport BV from Almelo

Bolk Transport BV from Almelo (NL) has recently put a new Broshuis PL2 3+7 semi low-loader into operation. The trailer is single extending, up to nine meters and is also equipped with a 5 meter coupling piece.

170th semi-trailer for US army

The US military officially commissioned their 170th semi-trailer. This means that Broshuis B.V has now successfully completed its largest-ever order