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We introduced our newest multifunctional type container chassis during the IAA in Hannover. This new chassis has been executed standardly as Heavy Duty chassis which makes it suitable for each kind of tank containers and swap-bodies.

In addition, the tare weight has been lowered down and the Heavy Duty chassis can be described as the type with a lot of stability, strength and durability, which no longer will make you doubt about the tare weight and functionality. 

Easy Select

The easy controlling system of this new Heavy Duty is the biggest improvement in comparison with the old one. Because of the patented “push / select / pull” controlling system, the driver doesn’t need to get in and out the truck as much as he did before. The only thing the user needs to do is selecting the right container size and the chassis will automatically get to the right extension wide. All of this without any physical effort, mistakes and all very quick and safe.

This new type of trailer is available from January 2019. Are you interested in this new type and would you like to see how it works? Check out the video