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Transporting trams and trains, including loading and unloading these delicate machines, is a specialised trade. To do this safely and easily, the “butterfly ramp” is used.

This ramp might look a little strange at first glance, but the functionality becomes clear when it is fully extended. After unfolding the ramp in four sections, separate rail elements can be used to bring the ramp to the desired length to make the slope angle as small as possible.

Westdijk Exceptional Transport from Alphen aan de Rijn (NL), asked us to install this butterfly ramp on a 2+5 SL 100-Tonner. This trailer from the Broshuis 100-Tonner Range is double extendible and provided with two track gauges.

With independent suspension, the trailer is the lowest and lightest of its type. Combined with the 12 ton axle load permitted in most EU countries, this makes it the best trailer for this type of transport.

Where other transporters transport trams and trains on modules or low-loader dolly combinations, Westdijk can now carry exceptional cargo on a 2+5-axle SL-100-Tonner.

Watch the film about the Butterfly Ramp here