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SL2 Independent wheel suspension

The SL2 independent wheel suspension offers many advantages over other axle types. Low weight, lowest loading floor height (from 780 mm), extremely large steering angle and extremely stable handling.

Eco ramp

It is always necessary to try to reduce fuel consumption. We have developed an innovative ramp, called the ECO ramp, especially for these carriers.

PL2 Pendle axles

Our PL2 pendle axles are of high quality. Thanks to the latest computer and production technologies, we have been able to build our pendle axles stronger and lighter.

Lightweight construction semi low loader

A lightweight construction semi low loader with wheel wells and a crane arm recess. We have succeeded in reducing the unladen weight in all models.

Lightweight flat trailer

This is a hydraulically-steered single extendible flat trailer with an extremely low weight.

Butterfly ramp

Transporting trams and trains is specialist work. To do this safely and easily, the so-called "butterfly ramp" is used.

Lifting and sliding system

Thanks to this lifting system, the tip of the wing can be raised to a height of 10 meters.

More information innovation

We are happy to tell you more about the innovations we use. Use the form on the page to request more information about one of our innovations.