Bolk Transport BV
from Almelo

Has taken 4 more pendle axle semi low loaders into service

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Bolk Transport BV

Bolk Transport BV from Almelo (NL) has recently put a new Broshuis PL2 3+7 semi low-loader into operation. The trailer is single extending, up to nine meters and is also equipped with a 5 meter coupling piece. The new Broshuis PL2 semi low-loader is part of a total order of four trailers.

Bolk Transport BV chose the Broshuis PL2 because it has several unique properties. This semi-trailer can be moved slowly in the lowest position, without the tires binding. Furthermore, the PL2 pendulum axle system, developed and produced in-house by Broshuis, ensures an optimum height stroke of 600 mm and has excellent manoeuvrability, even under the toughest conditions. Another unique feature of the Broshuis PL2 semi low-loader is its low weight of just 33 tonnes. In this configuration, it has a net payload of no less than 117 tonnes.