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New Broshuis 6-axle and 10-axle (3+7) Pendular trailers

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Keeping up with customer needs

Mar-Train Heavy Haulage LTD from Lisburn, UK always tries to keep its fleet up-to-date to continue to meet the needs of its customers, who are spread across different sectors of the transport industry. Therefore, they have invested in a 6-axle pendular axle semi low loader with ramps and a 10-axle (3+7) pendular axle semi low loader

“My wife thinks I have lost it,” says Tim Martin (managing director) with a laugh. “All jokes apart, we obviously invest in these trailers for a reason. We plan to use both trailers for Terex machines to transport from factories in Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and United Kingdom to deep seaports for shipment and also that we can load to mainland Europe. Machines these days are increasing in weight and dimensions and the low deck height and the low tare weight makes authorities more likely to pass permits.”

Our pendle axle
semi low loaders

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100T Range

Our heavy segment semi's (100T Range) is a "modular" range with neck, dolly, axle bogie and various options. Read here more about the technical options.

FLEX axle

In Europe, more often lower axle loads are allowed on bridges and viaducts. As a solution, Broshuis introduces an innovative linkable FLEX axle.

Bolk transport transporting a narcelle

Bolk Transport BV from Almelo (NL) has recently put a new Broshuis PL2 3+7 semi low-loader into operation.