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Sustainability, health and safety legislation and accessibility are important topics in construction. Complex and heavy machines and building materials often need to be delivered deep into the city centre and there are no real alternatives to this. Small trucks are often unsuitable, given the dimensions and weights of the cargo. Furthermore, even if this was possible, more vehicle trips would be necessary for the same transport capacity. Sustainability therefore also goes hand in hand with efficiency. After all the more efficient the transport, the fewer vehicle trips are needed. This not only reduces the emissions per transport capacity, there is also less disturbance for area residents and other traffic.

Manoeuvrability is also a crucial aspect. In particular, the vehicle length increases when transporting long loads such as structural steel, piles and machines that are necessary for construction. To be able to move in the tight city centre, steered axles are indispensible. In low loaders with individually-steered pendle axles, the steering angle is no less than fifty degrees. There is also a 550 mm long suspension stroke, making it easy to take obstacles such as higher traffic islands or kerbs. These vehicles make it possible to deliver indispensible construction machines into the heart of the city.