flat trailer (275 tires)

Extendable to 21 meter!

Looking for a new flat trailer?

This single extendable flat trailer is the ideal trailer for transports of up to +/- 25m. Thanks to the robust construction you are assured of a long service life.

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  • 1x extendable
  • Airsuspension
  • Hydraulic steered
  • Beam axle
  • 275/70 R22.5 tires
  • Load capacity app. 40 t


  • Fifth wheel load 22.5 t
  • Bogie load 30 t
  • Tare weight ca. 11.5 t
  • Platform height 1,410 mm
  • Extension 7,500 mm
  • Total extended lenght 21,000 mm
Specification sheet


3-axle flat trailer lightweight (385 tires)

The lightweight flat trailer has been designed in collaboration with our users. The result is a unique trailer with a number of fantastic advantages for you. Due to the extremely low tare weight, you can take heavier loads with you without exemption.

3-axle flat trailer (245 tires)

The single extendable flat trailer is the ideal trailer for load lengths of up to +/- 25 meters. Thanks to the hydraulic steering, the flat trailer easily steers through the corners.

3-axle flat trailer double extendable (275 tires)

With the double extendable flat trailer, you still have a trailer of up to almost 30 meters in length, despite a slight increase in the tare weight. This version is on 275 tires.

and techniques

Paint system

The anti-corrosion protection of a trailer is essential, you cannot simply do it 'again', it has to be done right first time!

Folding cranes

The loader crane is ideal in many ways. As a haulier, you have flexibility because you can load and unload where and when you want and you are not dependent on a third party.

Conventional axle systems

We often mount conventional axles, also called through axles, on our trailers. We have these in an air-sprung version and also hydraulically-sprung.