Technique ramps

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As shown below, we have improved a few essential points of the ramps. For instance, the ramps are designed with a special fold-out system. This mechanism keeps the point of the ramp free from the ground when unfolding. 

This avoids causing damage to the road or your ramps. Various special strips are also fastened to prevent small wheeled vehicles getting stuck. An optional dock shelter support foot is available to facilitate loading and unloading at a loading dock.


Once you have chosen a ramp, you also have to choose a chamfered rear of the trailer. This prepares the trailer for a ramp. We offer three types of chamfered rears in our new range. Look under the heading ramp angle for the slope angle per beavertail in combination with the chosen ramp. 

Ramp angle

As indicated below, the ramp can determine what cargo you can and cannot transport. Aside from the type of ramp, the combination of ramp and trailer is important. The diagram below shows what ramp angle belongs with the type of ramp and the type of trailer. Use this chart to help you determine what ramp is the best fit for you!