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As a partner of leading specialists in the transportation of wind turbine parts, we have developed various specific transport solutions. In their development, their versatility is always taken into account so that the semi-trailers can also be deployed for other types of specialist transport. Here are a few examples:

4-axle Triple Wing Carrier

  • For transporting wind turbine blades up to approximately 55 metres
  • Three times extendible up to 53 metres in total length
  • Air suspension or hydraulic suspension
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Adjustable controls (retracted or fully extended)
  • Versatile thanks to the fixed section behind the goose-neck
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6-axle hydraulically operated SL semi-low loader

  • The nacelle (up to approximately 65 tonnes)
  • Independent suspension
  • 12 tonne per axle
  • Low dead weight (from 16 tonnes)
  • Ride height 850mm
  • 57 degree steering angle
  • Stable handling
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