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Under the name PL2, we have a suitable solution for every transport problem in addition to the SL2 (semi low loader on independent suspension).

Our PL2 trailer has a number of characteristics that make it unique to its predecessor.

  • More stroke (600 mm)
  • Lines inside the pendle arm (lower maintenance costs)
  • 50% more oscillation
  • Spring brake cylinder in a safe place (lower maintenance costs)
  • Can be driven at any ride height
  • Top quality BPW axles
  • Always reliable information
  • Lower loading height

Aside from these unique advantages, the PL2 also retains the other advantages of a pendle axle system.

Ministry of Defence

The first PL2 semi low loader was recently delivered to the Dutch Ministry of Defence (navy). In their search for the best solution to be able to jack up ships, they decided on the semi low loader with pendle axles. Because the stroke was the biggest reason for the purchase, we have increased the stroke (by 50 mm) relative to its predecessor. Downtime is not an option for the Ministry of Defence, which is why we have designed all our PL2 vehicles with all the lines running through the pendular arm as standard, and we have mounted the spring brake cylinder in a safe place.