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Transporting various tracked and wheeled vehicles requires a flexible transporter and trailer. On one day you might have to transport one large machine, and another time you have two small machines. The height of the machine is often a challenge. That is when wheel wells and a crane arm recess are the solution to still be able to transport the machine, which is why the Broshuis construction semi low loader is often the best solution. We recently delivered three of these construction semi low loaders who transport various types of machines like this every day.

AB AUTO-BAUER GmbH & CO. KG from Gägelow, Germany, started using a 3-axle construction semi last week. Because AB AUTO-BAUER GmbH & CO. KG wanted to transport a variety of wheeled and tracked vehicles with only one trailer, they were looking for a multifunctional trailer. The result was a 3-axle construction semi.

The German transport company Tepel Transport GmbH & Co. KG from Wuppertal (D) doesn’t know today what it will be transporting tomorrow. Björn Tepel chose this construction semi to be ready for any type of cargo. For us, flexibility is the most important success factor. With this new trailer, we can serve our customers even better.

Van Wieren Emmeloord (NL) now has a number of construction semi low loaders in its fleet. They have also recently added two new examples to it. They were very satisfied with the previous trailers, which led them to purchase two more.

The trailers are all designed with a low neck and wheel wells, and an extra wheel well can be created by extending the trailer. The trailer is also designed with a crane arm recess, allowing the boom element to be positioned lower. The semi low loader is designed as a construction semi low loader, giving it a tare weight of only 9 tons! Would you like to know everything about the construction semi low loader?