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We were (and still are) very delighted with the order from the American defence. This order means that we could start with the production of nearly 200 trailers, all of them with pendular axles. Although, we hear from our customers that they suggest that there would be no more room for civil orders…

But this is incorrect... We have special "project lines" which has been used for years for various projects. This means that the civil orders are not affected by the larger projects such as "defence” and that the civil orders can be delivered on time.

Regarding the quality, it can be said that it offers you benefits as well. Because the American defence will only accept the highest best quality to guarantee the safety of their soldiers. 

We conduct extensive but also destructive tests on various surfaces. In addition to these tests with our trailers, the pendular axles have also been extensively tested for maintenance, use and deployability. The developments and quality tests have ensured that these trailers in combination with this pendular axle system are of the highest quality. The products that Broshuis delivers and the results of the 24/7 quality tests which lasted for months resulted in Broshuis being selected.

Another important difference with civil orders is that a correction cannot be done after all the testing because implementing a change is not possible. This must first be extensively tested again and then retroactively applied to all the trailers. The higher demands of defence asks for an even higher quality. It stimulates us in the improvement process for all our trailers which benefits you as customer!

This means no delays in the delivery time of your trailer, a high quality pendular axle and a trailer of top quality.

Concluding in there is no better reference as a defence ...

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