New semi low loader
for L.A.W. Tol B.V.

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Easy to operate,
even in the centre of Rotterdam

A diverse fleet of earth-moving equipment needs a trailer that is a real all-rounder. Therefore L.A.W. Tol BV has invested in a Broshuis 4-axle semi low loader with ramp. With this multifunctional, hydraulically-steered semi low-loader with a loading floor width of 2.75m, they can carry almost any type of load. The wheel wells are ideal for transporting earth-moving equipment and the crane arm recess offers space for the long boom of the larger crawler cranes. 

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03 May 2018, 08:35

Tires determine the market

The transport of agricultural machines has always been a separate branch within Special Transport. No machine is the same and this is also the greatest challenge for the carrier; the tyres often determine how big the challenge is.
07 July 2023, 10:10

New semi low loader for Schoones

Three identical, four-axle construction semi low loaders have recently been put into service by Transportbedrijf Schoones B.V. from Vinkel in Brabant.
08 April 2022, 10:10

A new 3-axle semi low loader with ECO ramp for Koop van der Wal

A new 3-axle semi low loader with ECO ramp for Koop van der Wal. With a loading height of 780mm, an ultra-thin and long neck, and an ECO ramp on the back, this trailer is ideal for transporting agricultural machinery.