Jos Tolkamp
Speciaal Transport

Has picked up a new Broshuis
1+3 pendulum axle low loader

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A new Broshuis 1+3
pendulum axle
low loader

This new low loader is the second new Broshuis trailer this year. In addition to a hydraulically steered 3-axle semi low loader earlier this year, it is now the turn for a new pendulum axle low loader.

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1+3 PL2 HD dolly low loader

This low loader has a 3-axle bogie with a fixed 1-axle dolly at the front. Thanks to the high axle capability, in combination with a low tare weight, this low loader dolly combination has the highest payload of its kind.


We have designed a number of dollies for use in combination with our low-loaders. We supply the dolly in several variants, jeep dolly, fixed or removable dolly between neck and low bed.
22 April 2022, 11:07

How do I choose the dolly?

Fixed dolly, removable dolly or a jeep dolly. What is the difference? Read the pros and cons of the different dollies here