3-axle low loader
with PL2 HD pendle axles

Low weight and 600 mm stroke

Would you like to purchase a 3-axle pendle-axle low loader?

The 3-axle PL2HD pendle axle low loader is unique in its capabilities. With a larger stroke, lower tare weight, wider and deeper crane arm recess, it stands out from the competition.

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  • 1x extendable
  • Pendular axles (PL2)
  • 285/70 R19.5 tires
  • Movable detachable neck
  • Outer beams linkable
  • Load capacity app. 40 t


  • Fifth wheel load 25 t
  • Bogie load 36 t
  • Tare weight ca.18.5 t
  • Loading height 290 mm
  • Bed lenght 7,500 mm
  • Extension 5,750 mm
  • Total extended trailer lenght 21,840 mm
Specification sheet


3-axle low loader

In addition to the 3-axle low loader with independent wheel suspension and pendular axles, this trailer is equipped with through-axles. Just like the other two variants, the trailer is equipped with hydraulic suspension and steering. The biggest advantage is in the purchase price and low maintenance costs.

3-axle SL2 low loader

This 3-axle low loader is equipped with independent wheel suspension. As a result, the axle assembly is lower and shorter, which offers many advantages. An SL2 low loader is also lighter than a version with pendle axles.

2-axle PL2 low loader

The 2-axle pendle axle low loader has the highest payload of its kind. This low loader has a high stroke of 600 mm and has 245 mm diameter tires. This low loader is ideal for off-road terrain.

4-axle PL2 HD low loader

The 4-axle pendle-axle low loader PL2 HD is distinguished by its low weight in combination with high axle capacity. This gives this low loader a high payload. With a stroke of 600 mm, this trailer is suitable for the uneven terrain found on construction sites and elsewhere.

and techniques

PL2 Pendle axles

Our PL2 pendle axles are of high quality. Thanks to the latest computer and production technologies, we have been able to build our pendle axles stronger and lighter.

Folding cranes

The loader crane is ideal in many ways. As a haulier, you have flexibility because you can load and unload where and when you want and you are not dependent on a third party.