3-axle SL2
agri low loader

More load capacity for the largest agricultural machines and vehicles

Buying an agri low loader?

Agricultural machinery and vehicles are becoming increasingly heavy. With our 3-axle SL2 agri low loader with a load capacity of 35T, you can rise to this challenge.

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  • 1x Extendable
  • Independent suspension (SL2)
  • 245/70 R17.5 Tires
  • Movable detachable neck
  • Centre beam
  • Load capacity app. 35T


  • Kingpin load 18T
  • Bogie load 36T
  • Tare weight ca.18T
  • Loading height 370mm
  • Bed lenght 6475mm
  • Extension 4750mm
  • Total extended trailer lenght 19275mm


2-axle agri low loader

2-Axle low loader specially designed for the transport of agricultural machinery and vehicles. A 2-axle hydraulically steered low loader with removable, sliding and reversible loading tables (flat/wheel well). The trailer is easy to operate and is used successfully by a number of agricultural machinery specialists.

2-axle SL2 low loader

2-axle SL2 low loader is a low loader on independent wheel suspension. This offers advantages over trailers with continuous or pendle axles. The biggest benefit is the low weight, low maintenance costs and a low axle assembly allowing the trailer to run closer to the ground when needed.

2-axle SL2 agri low loader

Thanks to the SL2 suspension, this low loader has a high axle load, a large steering angle and the lowest axle set in its class. Ideal for transporting agricultural machinery and vehicles.

and techniques

Conventional axle systems

We often mount conventional axles, also called through axles, on our trailers. We have these in an air-sprung version and also hydraulically-sprung.

Folding cranes

The loader crane is ideal in many ways. As a haulier, you have flexibility because you can load and unload where and when you want and you are not dependent on a third party.

Paint system

The anti-corrosion protection of a trailer is essential, you cannot simply do it 'again', it has to be done right first time!