6-axle hydrau­lically steered
semi low loader double extender

Extends to approximately 18 metres.

Looking for a double extendable semi?

The 6-axle double extender semi low loader can easily transport extremely long loads. In combination with the hydraulic steering, the trailer remains highly manoeuvrable.

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  • 2x extendable
  • Hydr. suspension hydr. steered
  • 245/70 R17.5 tyres
  • Movable neck
  • Load capacity app. 65 t


  • Fifth wheel load 30 t
  • Bogie load 60 t
  • Tare weight ca.23.3 t
  • Platform height 965 mm
  • Extension 17,800 mm
  • Total extended lenght 32,995 mm
Specification sheet


6-axle semi low loader

This 6-axle hydraulically steered semi low loader is suitable for heavy work. The trailer has beam-axles, air suspension and is easy to maintain. This 6-axle vehicle is single extendable and can extend approx. 8 meters.

5-axle semi low loader triple extender

This 5-axle hydraulically-steered semi low loader is a triple extender. This allows the trailer to reach an overall length of 40 meters. Due to the hydraulic steering, the trailer is still highly manoeuvrable.

5-axle construction semi low loader with ramps

This 5-axle hydraulically steered construction semi low loader is single extendable and has hydraulic ramps, wheel wells and a crane arm recess. This makes this trailer the most versatile of its kind.

and techniques

Paint system

The anti-corrosion protection of a trailer is essential, you cannot simply do it 'again', it has to be done right first time!

Conventional axle systems

We often mount conventional axles, also called through axles, on our trailers. We have these in an air-sprung version and also hydraulically-sprung.


Our trailers are often equipped with a number of technical highlights that make the trailer unique. Thanks to these techniques, you can transport cargo with your trailer that others cannot. Here you will find an overview of our techniques that we apply to our trailers