4-axle self-tracking semi
low loader with ECO ramp

Saves up to 20% fuel

Looking for a 4-axle semi with ECO-ramp?

The semi low loader with Eco ramp is an adaptable trailer, saves fuel and allows you to transport a wide range of cargo.

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  • 1x Extendable
  • Airsuspension selftracking
  • 245/70 R17.5 Tires
  • Fixed neck
  • Load capacity app. 45T
  • Eco ramp


  • Kingpin load 18T
  • Bogie load 40T
  • Tare weight ca.11,6T
  • Platform height 870mm
  • Extension 4700mm
  • Total extended lenght 17750mm
Specification sheet


3-axle semi low loader with ECO ramp

This 3-axle self tracking construction semi low loader has a fuel-saving ECO ramp. This allows for loading over the ramps and the ramp is used as a loading floor.

4-axle semi low loader with ramps

This 4-axle self-tracking semi low loader has double-acting hydraulic ramps. This allows you to load and unload tracked and wheeled vehicles with ease. Because the trailer is single extendable, it can reach up to 19.5 meters.

4-axle semi low loader

This 4-axle self tracking semi low loader is single extendable and can reach a length of 19.5 meters. Thanks to its sturdy construction, the trailer is extremely durable. It been developed with great attention to detail applied throughout the design and development process.

and techniques

Paint system

The anti-corrosion protection of a trailer is essential, you cannot simply do it 'again', it has to be done right first time!

Conventional axle systems

We often mount conventional axles, also called through axles, on our trailers. We have these in an air-sprung version and also hydraulically-sprung.

Eco ramp

It is always necessary to try to reduce fuel consumption. We have developed an innovative ramp, called the ECO ramp, especially for these carriers.