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Defense quality

Quality plays an important role in the procurement of defence equipment. Alongside safety, quality is our most important core value.

UK - order and refurbishment

In 2004, the British Army approached us with a challenge. We proposed an alternative plan, including a refurbishment which resulted in a significant cost savings. Read more.

US - order 557 METS

In November 2023, Broshuis received an order for 557 Medium Equipment Transport Systems (METs) for the US Department of Defence. Read more here.

Defense technique

The trailers that we build for the Ministries of Defence are equipped with special technical components. These components are intended to make work safer and easier.

US - order 466 EHET

In September 2022, Broshuis received an order for 466 Enhanced Heavy Equipment Transporter System (EHET) for the US Department of Defence. Read more.