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The 4-axle Quattro trailer is specially designed for using the "Sliding and lifting system". The slider system allows the semi-trailer loaded with the blade to be partially retracted, making the wheelbase shorter and the crossing larger. Due to the shorter wheelbase, it is possible for the trailer to take tighter turns.

The lifting system makes it possible to raise the tip of the blade to a height of 10m so it can be higher than houses, trees and lampposts. As a result, it is not necessary to take an indirect route.

Transport in the wind industry is a profession in itself and is changing rapidly, our specialists are happy to help you choose the right trailer for you.

General specifications
  • Four times extendable
  • Hydraulically elevating neck (820 mm)
  • Beam drivable at two heights because of the extendible gooseneck
  • Hydraulic suspension
  • Unique extension and lifting system available optionally
  • Pendle axles, with stroke of 600 mm
  • App. 37.8 T load capacity
Brochure Specification sheet
Technical specifications
  • 30 T kingpin load
  • 48 T bogie load
  • App. 40.2 T tare weight
  • 60° steering angle
  • 230 mm high gooseneck
  • 1250 mm bed height
  • Fully automated alignment system to prevent tyre wear
  • Remote steering
  • Better manoeuvrability thanks to foldable side protection
  • Hydraulic support leg for more effective retracting and extending

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