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Two new combinations for COLOSSUS Logistics

Recently, COLOSSUS Logistics from Wustermark, Germany has taken into service two new 2-axle SL2 low loaders. COLOSSUS Logistics is a family business specialising in the transport of large and heavy transports. As a member of BigMove AG, they have access to additional expertise and a large fleet.

"With the addition of these Broshuis trailers to our fleet, together with our two brand new DAF XG tractors, we now own two true 'Flying Dutchmen'," says Klaus Pietack (director). We deliberately chose Broshuis because of their innovative independent wheel suspension system. This results in a very low tare weight and an extremely low loading floor height."


SL2 Independent wheel suspension

The SL2 independent wheel suspension offers many advantages over other axle types. Low weight, lowest loading floor height (from 780 mm), extremely large steering angle and extremely stable handling.

Solutions for agriculture

The biggest hurdle with agricultural vehicles is often not the weight, but the shape. The width and height, often including unusual appendages causes issues. This also presents challenges when securing the cargo.

Chalets, caravan and mobile home transport

Chalet, caravan and mobile home transport is not just about the transport from A to B, but also placing it on the site and completely relieving the customer. See how our trailers help you with this.

2-axle SL2 low loader

2-axle SL2 low loader is a low loader on independent wheel suspension. This offers advantages over trailers with continuous or pendle axles. The biggest benefit is the low weight, low maintenance costs and a low axle assembly allowing the trailer to run closer to the ground when needed.

Klomp Transport

Together with Klomp Transport, we have developed the chalet low loader that allows chalets up to 16m to be loaded and unloaded quickly and safely. Read more.

Sales team

Broshuis experts are looking for options and solutions. This requires a great deal of professional expertise, experience and up-to-date knowledge of the market. All our advisors have this in-house and they will do everything to provide you with good advice. We are happy to assist you!