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Lightweight steerable in-between solution

Our regular and loyal customer Deba-line BVBA from Kruishoutem, Belgium, recently took delivery of another new trailer. Whereas owner Dwight Debacker has previously always opted for fully hydraulically steered trailers, this time a 3-axle self-tracking steered semi low loader with ramps was detailed and delivered.

"The ever-increasing weight of the machines to be transported means I have to bring down the combination's tare weight. A fully steered trailer is heavy and a self-tracking trailer limits us at some loading and unloading addresses. So I have now opted for an in-between solution!" says Dwight Debacker.

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08 May 2024, 15:17

New combination VKing

With the 3-axle pendular axle low loader behind the 4-axle Volvo, Belgium-based VKing is taking an important step towards the future.
15 March 2024, 09:12

Improved self-tracking semi

The further development of our self-tracking semi low loader (3- and 4-axles) has resulted in a weight reduction of up to 15% and an even stronger semi. Read more here.

Staad B.V.

Staad chose the multifunctional Broshuis semi low loader. Staad is an importer and dealer of Doosan earth-moving machines in the central and southern Netherlands. We went ‘On the Road’ for a day with the regular driver of this beautiful combination; Frank Verbij.

Conventional axle systems

We often mount conventional axles, also called through axles, on our trailers. We have these in an air-sprung version and also hydraulically-sprung.
15 March 2024, 09:21

Jozef Hermans

For years, Jozef Hermans has been using their nearly 20-year-old 6-axle semi for local exceptional transport and the transport of a special indoor industrial crane. Read more.