Improved self-tracking
semi low loader

15% weight reduction thanks to latest technologies

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Lighter and even stronger

Following our low loaders and flat trailers, we recently took a close look at the self-tracking 3- and 4-axle semi low loaders. The aim of this further development was to make our semi low loader designs even lighter and stronger. Thanks to the latest computer technologies, we know exactly where we can save weight and where we need to strengthen the trailer to achieve the ideal trailer.

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Sialtech B.V.

Sialtech is an internationally operating fieldwork company with four locations in the Netherlands. For the work that Sialtech performs, Sialtech uses, among other things, heavy earth drills on tracks. The heaviest machine of the company is transported with a new Mercedes-Benz Actros with a beautiful Broshuis semi low loader.

Mar-Train Heavy Haulage Ltd

Mar-Train Heavy Haulage LTD invests in a flexible 6-axle and 10-axle (3+7) PL2 semi low loader to meet the needs of their customers.