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Flexible and efficient

Simon, driver at Mud Grond- en Transportwerken, gets to hit the road today with their latest 4-axle self-tracking low loader. Specialising in earthmoving and transport work, he gets to transport a Volvo EWR170E excavator. This transport is very efficient thanks to the recent further development of the 3- and 4-axle self-tracking steered semi low loader from Broshuis.

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15 March 2024, 09:12

Improved self-tracking semi

The further development of our self-tracking semi low loader (3- and 4-axles) has resulted in a weight reduction of up to 15% and an even stronger semi. Read more here.

Construction machinery transport

Broshuis offers semi low loaders and low loaders for transporting a wide variety of construction, earthmoving and infrastructure machinery. Read more here.

Self-tracking semi low loader

Self-tracking semi low loader is a trailer that follows the truck by itself. We often use the example of the control of the castor wheels on a shopping cart. When reversing, the axles are all rigid. The self tracking semi low loader has air suspension.

Mud Grond- en Transportwerken

Picking up a 72-tonne Liebherr 966 crawler crane from Sweden? No problem for Mud Grond- en Transportwerken. Read more here.