A step towards the future with the 3-axle pendular axle low loader

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New combination

VKing from Borsbeke, Belgium recently commissioned a completely new transport combination. A 3-axle Broshuis pendelar axle low loader was chosen behind the brand new 4-axle Volvo truck. This combination has a load capacity of 51 tonnes!

"With this addition to our fleet, we can serve our customers even better and faster" says Jo de Coninck (managing director). "In addition, we are responding to the increasing demand for larger and heavier transport solutions. With this combination, we are taking an important step towards the future".


VKing is a sales/rental company of earthmoving machines in Borsbeke (Belgium) and the surrounding area. In 2012, Jo de Coninck took over the rental company Aalst-verhuur and changed the name to Vking. Entrepreneurial as he is, he soon expanded the current range of excavators and small wheel loaders to include larger machines such as crushers and screens. "To provide top service, you have to specialise," explains Jo. "That's why we focused on one brand: Volvo. Today, you can rent and buy Volvo machines from us. New or certified pre-owned from Volvo Selekt".


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