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Investment in multiple pendular axle trailers!

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Investing in quality

TSB Transport-Service-Beitinger from Gundelfingen (Germany) recently chose Broshuis quality and expanded their fleet with an 8-axle semi low loader on pendular axles and two new 1+3 dolly low loaders on pendular axles with a low bed of only 220 mm and continuous crane arm recess.

"The decision to invest in a Broshuis trailer with HD pendular axles for the first time was made for various reasons. Broshuis is responsible for the entire production process, from the initial design by the engineers to the full production in Kampen, the Netherlands," says Jürgen Kuchler (fleet manager). “This results in trailers with a sturdy construction and a long service life. The operation is also very user-friendly thanks to the radio remote control. These are just some of the decisive factors in our decision."

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1+3 dolly low loader PL2 HD

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8-axle PL2 semi low loader

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