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On the road with their multifunctional 6-axle semi low loader from Broshuis

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PL2 Pendle axles

Our PL2 pendle axles are of high quality. Thanks to the latest computer and production technologies, we have been able to build our pendle axles stronger and lighter.

Mud Grond- en Transportwerken

Discover more about Mud Grond- en Transportwerken's experience with the recently improved 4-axle self-tracking semi low loader. Read more here.


Deba-line recently took delivery of al ightweight steerable 3-axle semi low loader with ramps for efficient transport of heavy machinery. Read more...
15 March 2024, 09:21

Jozef Hermans

For years, Jozef Hermans has been using their nearly 20-year-old 6-axle semi for local exceptional transport and the transport of a special indoor industrial crane. Read more.
15 March 2024, 09:12

Improved self-tracking semi

The further development of our self-tracking semi low loader (3- and 4-axles) has resulted in a weight reduction of up to 15% and an even stronger semi. Read more here.